Written In Blood (and Tears!)

One person's climb to (hopefully!) the world of the published novelist…the trials and tribulations of parenthood..and whatever else pops into my head at any given moment!

14 weeks and 3 days…or…blurgh!

Hey all,

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted anything for my Hormonally Yours series, and I apologise. NaNoWriMo has pretty much sucked all of my time and energy out of me.

As far as the pregnancy is concerned, I do believe all is going well. I FINALLY got an appointment with the hospital midwife clinic, but it’s not until November 15th, so I’ll have more details for you then.

Today hasn’t been a good day. Although the normal early pregnancy symptoms have pretty much disappeared (YAY for not throwing up!) my darling hubby decided to share his cold wth me. I have a fever, runny nose, headache…the lot. Oh the joy. I don’t know what it is, but being pregnant seems to make a regular cold feel like I’m dying of some rare and exotic monkey disease!  Also, my back and hips are already starting to hurt and I keep getting the most AGONISING round ligament pain in my pelvis. Freaking OUCH.

People keep staring at my tummy. I just know they’re doing that, “Is she pregnant or just getting like, really fat?” thing. Bless them for being too polite to ask! The kids are all getting super excited, which is awesome. Of course they’re all still praying for a boy. How the heck do you tell a six year old that you can’t CHOOSE which one you get? Oh well.

Checked out some baby clothes today. They really have improved on the baby boy clothes since I had the girls. It was always the way that there was aisles and aisles of girl clothes and nothing for boys. It’s good to see that they’re leveling the playing field a little nowadays. Now let’s just hope that we get to actually shop in the boys aisles for a change! OMG you wouldn’t believe how totally adorable, or “Pimp!!!” as my hubby would say, they are! Fingers crossed.

I also discovered that not only won’t I be wearing heels for the next six months, I can’t wear my beloved gladiator sandals because my freaking ankles have swollen up so much! Not a good look. Instead, I’m looking at wearing ever so cute flip flop type things. That’s ok, I suppose. I don’t mind them that much but OH how I miss my sandals. On top of that, it seems that those who design maternity pants think that we’re all 6ft tall. So, not only am I wearing flip flops for the rest of the pregnancy, it looks like I’ll be wearing bloody leggings for the next 6 months. Oh happy day.

Other than my clothing and shoes woes an the fact that I seem to be in constant pain, I am enjoying the pregnancy so far. It’s always really amazing to take a minute to think about what’s going on inside me as we speak. A new life, another one to love and adore. Pretty exciting stuff.

Until next time,

Hormonally Yours,



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