Written In Blood (and Tears!)

One person's climb to (hopefully!) the world of the published novelist…the trials and tribulations of parenthood..and whatever else pops into my head at any given moment!

18 weeks 1 day

Here we are at week 18!!! Squishy has decided that moving around is a good thing, which of course is a fantastic thing for me too. Naturally though, this has only served to increase my anxiety some days when I don’t feel him/her move!! The joys of parenthood, hey?

Physically, I’m feeling a lot better. Morning sickness has subsided dramatically, and only hits occasionally, like this morning when I was brushing my teeth. Odd. The dreaded heartburn has started up again, although it’s bearable at this point. I’m not looking forward to the third trimester when I’m going to have to sleep practically sitting up because the heartburn’s so bad. So for now the occasional bout is manageable.

Emotionally I’m an absolute wreck. I’m having issues at work, which are probably not the most appropriate things to discuss here, but let’s just say it sucks and I hate it. The added stress of having to go part time after Christmas, when we’re already struggling a bit financially isn’t doing my stress levels any good. Oh well. Such is life, and all will be OK in the end…..I hope!!

I am booked in for my morphology scan on the 16th December. By that time, I’ll be a couple of days shy of 20 weeks so we’re hoping that we’ll find out whether we’re team pink or blue. Please send out lots of blue vibes!!!!

At my last obstetrician and midwife appointment, they took blood to screen for Down’s Syndrome, and said that if they came back with a high chance, they’d call me in straight away. No such phone call has been made, so I’m hopeful that all is OK there. We’ll know more after the scan.

That’s it for this week, I’ll update after the scan and will hopefully have photos uploaded to show you 🙂

Hormonally Yours,




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