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Lucy’s Jewellery – Piece 1

Hi guys!!

OK so you know I posted about making my main character’s jewellery? Well, this is her first piece.

There is a story behind it, I just haven’t finished writing it yet 😉 I know it’s special, and I know it’s going to cause her some conflict at some point. I’ll blog it as soon as I know what it is!

It is for sale, but not until December 1st. I need the pieces with me as inspiration just until NaNo is over. You can find purchasing information HERE. If you’d like to own this piece, simply comment on the picture with the word “SOLD” and I’ll contact you for payment information.

Thanks for checking this out!!

Love to all



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4 thoughts on “Lucy’s Jewellery – Piece 1

  1. Beautiful pendant, Jacqui!!

  2. How cool! I love possessing things that my characters possess. It totally makes my inner geek happy as hell. (Happy as hell? Really, Kat?)

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