Written In Blood (and Tears!)

One person's climb to (hopefully!) the world of the published novelist…the trials and tribulations of parenthood..and whatever else pops into my head at any given moment!

Day 4 – Recovery

Good evening, lovely readers.

Yesterday was a disastrous writing day (See Day 3 – The Crash), but today was just so much better. I managed a whopping 2,884 words, bringing my total up to 7,887!! YAY! Im feeling far more confident with this now, and it’s not as painful as I was expecting it to be.

I’m not an idiot, and I know that harder days are coming up (they tell me that Week 2 is sheer hell), but I am feeling more capable and confident that I can make it to that glorious 50,000 words this year.

A friend asked me today why I am measuring success by the number of words on the page (I guess she’s never done NaNo herself), and I answered her quite honestly, “Because the whole idea of NaNoWriMo is to push out 50,000 words in a month.” To me though, NaNo is becoming more than that. Yes the numbers are important, but you know what? I’m meeting some of the loveliest people who are all writers. They get me. In a weird, “we know how you feel and what you’re going through and will help you get there” sort of way, which is something I’ve never really experienced before.

I’m learning that I can sit and write every day and still have a life. I’ve always put it off because there were other things that need to be done, and like I’ve said before, I suck at time management.

I’m learning that I can dedicate a certain amount of time to one activity and not feel guilty about doing so.

I’m learning that I can push through the self doubt and fear (this one is hard and I have to work at it every single day, but I’m trying!!)

I’m learning that editors aren’t scary and even they make typos (thankyou to my new friend William for that one!!)

I’m learning that hubby really is OK with me sitting at my laptop for hours on end.

Most of all, I’m having FUN doing something that’s hard. That is remarkable in itself.

Much love





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