Written In Blood (and Tears!)

One person's climb to (hopefully!) the world of the published novelist…the trials and tribulations of parenthood..and whatever else pops into my head at any given moment!

Day 5 – The “OUCH” Day :-(

A quick post today just to check in.

Thanks to some word sprints yesterday, I haven’t had to do a lot of writing at all today to still stay on track. Yay!

I came in at 8,439 words tonight, not as brilliant as I’d have liked, but I had a HUGE day at work and by the time I got home, I was absolutely shattered. Still, its over the Day 5 target, so I’m quite happy.

My hands hurt. Like….really hurt. They ache all the time, and I’m not sure whether this is to do with the writing, jewellery making, or both. In any case, they are seriously SORE. Oh well, it’s just one of the downsides of creativity, right?

I do hope you’re all doing well, and that your word counts are creeping up (or shooting up, which would be better!).

Will write more tomorrow. Right now, I need painkillers, my wonderful hubby,  and Sons of Anarchy 😉

Love to all




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