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Day 7 – Beating up the editor!

Good evening, lovelies!!!

Not a whole lot to report today, to be perfectly honest.

However, I will say this. I don’t do politics. In most cases, I don’t give a rat’s ass who does what or why. I firmly believe they’re all liars and cheats anyway. That said, I’m married to a very proud, incredibly patriotic American who has loved Obama for 4 years now and who will continue to do so. While i’ve avoided as much of the political posts and rantings on Facebook, and haven’t listened to the news, and deliberately had the TV on another channel for the debates, I have to say I’m happy he won. If nothing else, I’m curious about what he can do with another four years.

I’m not an American. Some people assume that because I’m not an American, I have no right to an opinion.


I have always been drawn to the USA and feel in some odd way that it’s my adopted country even though I’ve never actually been there. Some strange, past life thing, maybe?  I don’t know. I’ve just always felt that I belong there. Weird, I know. Don’t judge 😉

Anyway, I wish my American friends and family all the very best for the next four years.

Now…all that said…onto the NaNo update. Yay!

I made it!! Again! I’m now up to 12,046 words and am thrilled. I have managed to shut up my inner editor. OK, so I had to tie her to a chair with duct tape and beat her into submission….but sh finally stopped the “You can’t do this.” “My GOD…you call THAT a sentence?” “What the hell are you thinking?” crap that she is so famous for. It’s been 5 days, and she hasn’t said a word.

Life is good.

To top it off….it’s raining! I mean…really raining! I live in the tropics and we’ve been going through hell with the humidity these past few weeks. It’s finally decided it’s time for the wet season to hit, and my goodness it’s BEAUTIFUL! I might actually be able to sleep tonight. Yay!!

Goodnight my beautiful readers. I’ll check in with you again tomorrow….I need to hop off here before the power goes out or something!!

Love to all



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2 thoughts on “Day 7 – Beating up the editor!

  1. Hi Jacqui – Please, feel free – cause that’s what we stand for – to consider yourself part American. Hey – your hubby is and you are part of him, so yes, you truly are!!

    I just now checked my NaNo mail and saw the message from you saying you had signed me up as a Buddy. And I decided to check out this site. I like it. It’s comfortable. Chatty. Friendly.

    After being gone (including getting ready to leave town and then trying to settle down after getting home), I’m the farthest behind I’ve ever been on NaNo – and trying to catch up. Just did an Hour Timed and am feeling restless so will walk the dog and get back to it. Week Two is kind of stinky anyway.

    I hope you continue to chug along!! And enjoy the ride. (One of my FB and NaNo friends suggested I write about an elephant – when I asked for ideas – and I’m doing that now.)

    Take care!!
    NaNo Name: Peppermint_Patti

    • Hi Patti!!

      Thanks so much for your lovely comments! Yes, I added you as a buddy on NaNo after seeing you post for buddies on the NaNo group on FB.
      I’m definitely discovering that week 2 isn’t fun. I am up to date now though, thank goodness!!
      Writing about an elephant….I love it.
      “Water for Elephants” started as a NaNo book….just saying 😉

      Talk soon!!

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