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Lucy’s Jewellery – Piece 1

Hi guys!!

OK so you know I posted about making my main character’s jewellery? Well, this is her first piece.

There is a story behind it, I just haven’t finished writing it yet 😉 I know it’s special, and I know it’s going to cause her some conflict at some point. I’ll blog it as soon as I know what it is!

It is for sale, but not until December 1st. I need the pieces with me as inspiration just until NaNo is over. You can find purchasing information HERE. If you’d like to own this piece, simply comment on the picture with the word “SOLD” and I’ll contact you for payment information.

Thanks for checking this out!!

Love to all



Beads and words and Twitter….Oh My!

I love to write.

I love jewellery making.

I love the challenge of NaNoWriMo.

The challenge now is to blend the two. How on earth am I going to do that without one taking precious time away from the other? Let’s also remember that I have FIVE children and a Day Job. I suck at time management. My hubby had to nag me like a madperson last year just to write my words each day because I was caught up in something else.

I was pondering this question the other day when it suddenly struck me that “Lucy” (whoever she is) is going to love jewellery. Certain pieces are going to be important to her, like the silver heart pendant her grandfather gave her when she graduated high school (OK Muse, thanks for that little tidbit that I hadn’t thought of before writing this post!).  Other pieces will represent different, important times in her life. You get the idea.

Yes, this means that I will physically design and create all her jewellery for her throughout the month.

This could be absolutely genius, or it could be a total disaster. Either way, I’ll end up with a better insight of her character and some gorgeous jewellery at the end of November. I’m excited and a little terrified. I’d never really thought about how to blend the two things I love more than my family until now, and I’m hoping and praying that it doesn’t turn into a mess.

I’m also a little overwhelmed by all the technology I now have to keep straight. TWO WordPress blogs (this one and one for jewellery although its inactive and hidden at the moment), two Twitter accounts (one personal/writing and one for jewellery), as well as my personal Facebook and my jewellery Facebook page (which, if you’d like to have a peek, can be found here: J Lynne Jewels. I am, admittedly, a newbie when it comes to most of this stuff, and am now feeling just a little bit like a drowning rat. Which one do I update first? How do I make sure none of them are neglected in November? Can I really pull all this off? Isn’t amazing how self doubt just sort of sneaks up on you when you’re not looking? I’m sure I’ll be fine once I get started. It’s getting started that’s the problem!

Any advice for a technologically impaired newbie?

Much love,


Giving myself permission to dream…and following the dragonfly…

Today, as I sat in my office on the second last day in this role, surrounded by two years of  joyful, sad, terrifying, worrying, and fabulous memories, I started to daydream. Anyone who knows me well knows that I do this quite often. Unfortunately though, my daydreams are more often than not rooted in fantasy and are totally unrealistic. You know the one. You win lotto, move to the Bahamas and live forever in paradise? Yeah. Those ones. 

Through my work, I’ve become quite accustomed to using thought stopping, a rather powerful tool used to help people to reframe their negative thoughts into more positive ones. I guess I’m now in the habit of using thought stopping on myself. However, this is usually not done the way it’s supposed to be done, and is rather more like, “you stupid cow. You will NOT win lotto and move to the Bahamas EVER in this lifetime so STOP being so damn dramatic!” Yeah, I told you I didn’t do it properly.

But today, today was different. I have admittedly, over the last couple of weeks, been so hurt by events at work that I’ve been blinded to the opportunities this could open up for me. I’ve been so immersed in my own pain, anger, and I suppose grief, to really understand and see the doors opening all around me. I’ve only been able to fixate on the slamming shut of the windows.

Today, I allowed myself to daydream, not of lotto wins and paradise, but of becoming my own boss, my own captain. I have allowed myself to finally see the potential that Ido have within, the talents I have, and the ways in which I can use them to my own advantage.

Today, I allowed myself to see myself doing the things I love every day, because Ican. I saw myself unrestrained by workplace rules and regulations, not having to answer to anyone but myself. I saw myself balancing work with play and parenthood and doing it brilliantly.

Today, I remembered that I once had goals and dreams that have been beaten out of me, both literally and figuratively over the last 15 years. I remembered how it feels to be excited by something, something that I truly love.

Today, I realised that instead of mourning the fact that I’ll only be earning a part time wage after christmas, I should be celebrating it. Two whole extra days every week with the most important people in my life are far more important than a pay check.

I adore making jewellery, and have been told on more than one occasion that I’m really very good at it. So from today, that is my goal. As much as I love writing, and I really do, I’m like a three year old in a lot of ways and writing doesn’t give me the instant gratification that I crave, and that finishing that beautiful piece of jewellery does. I’ll keep writing because I love it, but it’s now taking a backseat to all the other things I have going on in my life.

I’m doing all the goal setting stuff that I do with my clients. I’m making lists and charts and tearing my hair out thinking of all the things I need to make a good go of my very own business. Will it succeed? God, I hope so. The thing is, it won’t do anything unless I make it happen. I can’t sit back and hope that some fairy Godmother’s going to wave her wand at me and say, “here you go, dear. Everything is done for you.” That’s a scary thought. The idea of succeeding or failing all on my own back is terrifying, yet strangely exhilirating. To be honest, I can’t wait to get started. I just don’t quite know where to start. But I’m a smart woman, I’ll figure it out 😉

My blog here will continue as always, and I’ll add more and more stuff as time goes on. Maybe I’ll even add a jewellery page. Who knows? For now, I’m giving myself permission to dream, and as an old and trusted friend once said to me, “follow the dragonfly.”

With love and hope,







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